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At EigerTax you will find a personal approach: you will liaise with your regular contact person who has ample experience. You will not find a “pyramid structure” with many and relatively unexperienced staff. We believe this way of working provides direct added value to you: we always aim to have an efficient process with a view to finding the right and best solution given the circumstances at hand. We strive to maintain good relationships with, for example, tax authorities, but will not shy away from a tough tax technical debate. If needed, we will litigate a case before the Supreme Court or the European Court of Justice.


We work under the “four eyes principle”. We believe this is crucial to maintain our high-quality standards and necessary with a view to continuity. 

Quality is key to what we want to achieve. It is our goal to provide our clients with the best advice to solve a specific indirect tax issue. 

"Quality in our work is what we strive for. Our aim is to provide our clients with the best advice so that the solution to a tax issue is found."

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