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EigerTax is an independent tax advisory firm established in 2020. The firm focuses solely on indirect taxes, such as Value Added Tax and Real Estate Transfer Tax. The partners of the firm are very experienced tax advisors who have worked as partners at Big 4 consultancy firms, among others. They are also active in the academic field, are authors and frequent speakers at seminars.


We use our specialized knowledge of the Dutch, EU and international indirect tax laws to the best benefit of our clients. Our aim is to ensure any indirect tax issue that our clients are facing is presented in a well-organized manner, analyzed, and solved – all in an efficient way. We offer our services to both domestic, and multinational enterprises, institutions, and government bodies as well as tax advisory, audit and law firms. 

We listen closely to the needs of our clients to understand the real issues. We do not believe in “product pushing”, your queries are the central theme for which we will seek a tailor-made solution. 

Quality is key to us. One of the main reasons to start our firm is to offer a “renewed” focus on tax technical eminence. In our experience, the larger firms are currently focusing more on a wide range of multidisciplinary offerings of services with the deployment of a larger number of professionals. We are offering something different; a solid focus on a specific area, going the extra mile to get to the right solution. Of course, without losing sight of a pragmatic approach and ability to work together with other specialists. Given this in-depth focus, we consider ourselves the go-to-firm for tax court cases or for providing (second) opinions. In this, we can also assist parties in tax litigation (e.g. appeals and court cases). Examples of tax court cases and opinions where we have been involved in are:


  • VAT qualification of cost recharges 

  • Application of the VAT exemption to back-office activities for an insurance company 

  • Assistance regarding anti-avoidance or abuse of law cases

  • Multi versus single purpose voucher discussions

  • Assisting attorneys with VAT technical content regarding alleged VAT carrousel fraud cases

  • Deduction of input VAT on general costs

  • Adjustment of input VAT deduction on immovable property

  • Recovery of VAT on transaction costs

  • Standard v. lower rate issues


The following characteristics rightfully describe our firm:

  • High quality standards

  • Direct and short communication lines

  • An informal organization

  • Cooperative and practical attitude

  • Flexibility and professionalism

  • Enjoying indirect tax


Our firm has been recognized by the Dutch Association of Tax Advisors (“NOB”).

Our offices are located in the financial district (“Zuidas”) of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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