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EigerTax deploys highly specialized knowledge to create insights into your complex indirect tax issues, risks & opportunities, and aims to solve these in an efficient manner for you as a client to the firm.


Examples of services we offer:


  • Highly specialized and in-depth tax advice

  • Opinions and Second Opinions

  • Assistance in tax audits

  • Assistance in appeals 

  • Assistance in any indirect tax matter in the Netherlands and abroad

  • Assistance in M&A transactions, covering both due diligence as well as structuring and follow up

  • Tax policy matters

  • Representation or assistance in court cases, including the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg


We have extensive experience in various industries, including Government & Non-Profit, Real Estate, TMT (Telecom, Media & Technology), Consumer Business, Manufacturing and Financial Services.


We will always seek the best solution for the issue at hand. Such a solution is pragmatic where appropriate and can be based on an in-depth tax technical analysis of the law where it needs to be. We achieve this through leveraging our knowledge that we have gained during the last decades. In order to stay true to our focus, we do not offer certain services such as compliance services. We can of course help you with setting up your initial VAT compliance process, but we will not take over the whole compliance cycle. Furthermore, we can recommend and introduce other specialized firms that can provide such services. This also applies to - for example - corporate income tax advisory services. 

When serving you as a client on international indirect tax matters we make use of our vast international network of indirect tax experts. We have built a network of specialists that can support us in solving various tax related issues. If appropriate, we can also work with an advisor with whom you are already working in a certain jurisdiction.

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